Ocular Parasitosis Caused by Protozoan Infection during Travel: Focus on Prevention and Treatment

Morteza Izadi, Mohsen Pourazizi, Mahmoud Babaei, Ali Saffaei, Mohammad-Hasan Alemzadeh-Ansari


International travel is rising quickly worldwide. Many people travel to tropical and subtropical areas, where there has been increasing exposure of travelers to infectious pathogens. Ocular parasitic infections are more prevalent in these geographical areas and they can lead to morbidity and mortality, often due to late or misdiagnosis due to the unfamiliarity of health staff with these
diseases. This is an up-to-date comprehensive review article that familiarizes physicians with ocular signs and symptoms, treatment, prevention, and geographic distribution of some parasites associated with travel.

Keywords: Acanthamoeba, American trypanosomiasis, eye, giardiasis, leishmaniasis, malaria, parasitosis, protozoan infection, toxoplasmosis, travel

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