A Comprehensive Health Plan: The Lifestyle Affecting Factors in Iranian Youth

Ahdieh Chinekesh, Seyed Ali Hoseini, Farahnaz Mohammadi Shahbolaghi, Mohammad Esmael Motlagh, Monir Baradaran Eftekhari, Gelayol Ardalan, Shirin Djalalinia


Background: Factors affecting lifestyle become one of the most priorities of the research feld, especially in adolescents and youth. Using a qualitative approach, this study aimed to understand what factors are affecting young people’s healthy lifestyle.

Methods: Using the conventional content analysis, and used the semi‑structured in‑depth interviews, we conducted a qualitative study to elicit the youth opinion considering their lifestyle affecting factors. Initially, purposeful sampling method was considered for data collection. Participants were selected from volunteered youths 18–30 years whom were selected from the Tehran city. Inclusion criteria for the participants were; (a) willingness to participate in the study, and (b) ability to express experiences.

Results: According to fndings, although the majority of participants agreed on the important role of lifestyle related behaviors in their healthy life, the lack of essential motivation and the pressure of educational assignments
remove it from their daily program priorities. The most important barrier to observing the healthy lifestyle was expressed as; the acceptance of the concept by the individual and the social and economic potential of the individual. It was also suggested that practical interventions should focus
on improving more participator engagement of all of the related stakeholders.

Conclusions: We proposed the participatory strategies for youth healthy lifestyle promotion. Through which based on a specifc needs the assessment of different target groups, designing, development, and implementation of health programs led to more effective interventions.

Keywords: Iran, lifestyle, qualitative study, youth

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